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December 21, 2021 β€” the first day of the winter solstice

December 21, 2021 β€” the first day of the winter solstice

In 2021, the winter solstice will begin on December 21 at 17:59 Kyiv time and end on December 22. Solstice (in ancient times, solstice) is an event in astronomy, during which the Sun rises above the horizon to its maximum (in summer) or minimum (in winter) height. 

December 21-22 is the longest night and the shortest day. During this period, the height of the Sun above the horizon at noon hardly changes β€” the luminary, as it were, stands at one point. Gradually, the height of the Sun above the horizon at noon begins to grow, the day increases. 

On December 21, 2021, the astronomical winter begins and the astronomical summer ends. Our ancestors said: "The sun turns its face to Spring!"


In astrology

Astrologers consider this day one of the most energetically strong, because it is fed by the Sun. In addition, 21.12 is a mirrored date, such a combination is interpreted by numerologists as the period of the greatest positive. 

Any mirrored date is the strongest talisman for fulfilling desires. To get the maximum effect, make a wish at the most suitable time β€” 21.12 o'clock in Kiev.

Decorate the tree with symbolic toys: for success in love β€” hearts; for financial growth β€” in denominations; for happy parenting β€” with nipples, figures in the form of babies.

To make the most of the power of this amazing date, try to implement the following tips:

  • Before 21.12, you should be cleansed mentally and physically. Do manifestations, spiritual practices, swimming. It would be nice to clean up thoughts and homes.
  • 21.12-22.12 (23.12) is the best time to set goals for the whole year.

Important! Identify specific actions that will lead to achieving the goal. For each goal, at least 3 actions must be prescribed, without which the result is impossible.

For example:

Goal: β€œto increase monthly income up to… hryvnia”.


  1. Complete financial literacy training.
  2. Find a better paying job.
  3. Identify other possible sources of income.

The governing planet is Saturn. His element is keeping promises, but not fruitless dreams. If you have identified actions but have not followed them, your goal will not be achieved. Sagittarius zodiac sign.

There is a powerful impetus for the start of changes in personal life. It is worth planning for the next year, paying off debts, getting rid of negativity and everything superfluous in your life.

It is categorically impossible to allow bad thoughts, to wish someone evil on a mirror date. We recommend not to be lazy on this day and postpone rest until the weekend β€” active pastime will bring good results.


In the folk calendar

Since ancient times, people have revered the Sun, considering it the giver of warmth and light. The winter solstice symbolized the victory of good over darkness and evil. For most peoples, the solstice meant the beginning of a new life, rebirth.

On the Winter Solstice Day, the ancient Slavs celebrated the arrival of the New Year and the Christmas of Kolyada (the mythical god of the newborn Sun) and Korochun (the shortest day). Our ancestors kindled a ritual bonfire to symbolize the birth of a new Sun. For the fireplace, oak or pine wood was used, pagan symbols were carved on the logs. The first month of the year began β€” a carol.

To protect against evil forces, live coniferous trees were placed in the houses, gingerbread, pies, and fruits were hung on the branches. The hostesses baked and served a loaf in the shape of the sun.  

Signs of the folk calendar for December 21

  • Hearing thunder means windy weather.
  • In the morning you can hear the singing of tits β€” by nightfall the frost will hit.
  • If the day is frosty and quiet, the winter will be calm and snowy.
  • If there is frost on the trees on the day of the solstice, the harvest will be rich.
  • It has started snowing β€” it will rain a lot in summer. A blizzard has begun β€” expect a lot of precipitation in summer.


In the church calendar, the

Day of Remembrance of the Martyr Anfisa of Rome. The saint pray for strength in any trials; on the resolution of a family conflict.

Name days: Kirill, Potap, Anfisa, Karina, Alisa.

The Nativity Fast continues, so you shouldn't eat anything meager. It is useful to fast on fresh juices, fruits, light meals.


December 21 in your home

These days, harmony and tranquility in the family is important. The hostess can dress up beautifully for dinner. Bake a round cake, pancakes, pancakes or cookies.

Let the owner light a fire β€” light the stove, fireplace or light candles. 

It is useful to take a steam bath or just take a hot bath β€” letting warmth into the house, you will join the ancient traditions.


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