Get a new profession\: a list of free online platforms for Ukraine The

Get a new profession: a list of free online platforms for Ukraine The

Оpportunity to work remotely is in great demand β€” Ukrainians who are forced to leave their homes are looking for alternatives to financial security. Mastering a new profession is a real way to expand your capabilities and work no matter where you are. For some professions, it is enough to have a tablet and access to the Internet; Exceptions are those specialties that require the use of "heavy" programs β€” such as design. Read the recommendations right now β€” free access to some programs is limited!


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List of resources open to Ukrainians

  • Center The Genius

Center Online tofree professional courses. The catalog includes programs in business, web design, marketing, SMM, SEO, accounting and many other interesting specialties. After registration within 72 hours the user will have access to one course. But! The founders of the school, Oles Timofeev and Oleksandr Ryabikin, invite you to do reposts in order to spread their offer among friends β€” by uniting, you will be able to exchange and complete as many courses as you wish.

  • Coursera

Platform Coursera provides the opportunity to choose free courses from schools in England and other countries after registration. Most likely, you will need knowledge of English.

  • Redcamp School

The "Fundamentals of Project Management" course from the Redcamp School promises a very rich, even difficult program, after which you will become a true professional. In addition, the author Andrew Osipenko shares useful tips in the Telegram.

  • CreoStudy Online School CreoStudy

Has offered training for those who want to work on the Upwork platform. Recall that Upwork is a company that offers a global job search and a range of software products for employers who want to hire and collaborate with remote professionals.

  • Platform Creative Practice

Creative Practice, an online platform for education and careers in the creative industries, is making all its design courses free for the coming month. Today you can start studying the following disciplines: "Fundamentals of Design", "Graphic Design". Composition ”,β€œ Fundamentals of Web Design ”,β€œ UX/UI. Interface Design and Design ”,β€œ Working with Photoshop ”,β€œ Working with Figma ”,β€œ Working with After Effects ”,β€œ Working with Illustrator ”. To access, just register at the link.

  • Socio-Humanities Faculty Projector Institute, Humanitarium

Will help to gain interesting knowledge and even improve professional skills in design 

Socio-Humanities Faculty Projector Institute, which supports Ukraine and invites to free video courses in philosophy, Ukrainian design and art, Full instructions at the link.

  • Maksym Husar, Udemy

Maksym Husar provides free access on Udemy to one of its iOS development courses.

  • ITVDN Programming School Programming

In support of Ukraine have been opened courses. Directory C #, TypeScript, SQL, HTML5 and CSS3, Python, Django, JavaScript and more. Go to the page, be interested, start!

  • The international IT company Boosta

Boosta provided free access to 4 courses in digital professions: SEO and link building, SMM and targeting from scratch, Fiverr for freelancers, Customer Care: Support & Sales.

  • Online course by Sergei Sarakhanov

The offer is interesting for those who dreamed of mastering the camera. Enroll in a group online course in portrait photography from Sergei Sarakhanov: in addition to access to education, students will be able to volunteer with experienced photographers and ask them any questions about the profession, get advice on promoting services. The course is designed for both practicing photographers and beginners.

  • Prometheus 

Online Education Platform in Ukraine Prometheus remotely teaches freelance and offline professions, including Taxi Driver Academy, various types of tourism, IT product from scratch, leadership, psychology, international law; provides an opportunity to improve skills and more.

  • Education Era Project

A set of interesting lessons from the Education Erathat will help broaden your horizons and improve your professional skills.

Campster Platform The Campster

Interactive platform Campster grants access to a small number of courses, which will be in handy, as you have not yet been appointed to know about the freelance profession in more detail.


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