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16 learning platforms and online schools that provided free access to their resources

16 learning platforms and online schools that provided free access to their resources

Businessmen support Ukrainian children and provide free access to learning resources for the period of martial law. Despite temporary difficulties, students will be able to broaden their horizons by choosing the most convenient platform for themselves.

  • Web resource “Atmospheric School”, package “Hearer”. Digital lessons that match the school curriculum. By registering, teachers, children and parents get access to lesson notes, professional video presentations and video labs, 400 electronic textbooks, self-test tasks, a list of additional useful resources.
  • The general education remote school DAR school invites students in grades 7-11. The resource is positioned as a complete replacement for tutors. In addition to classes within the framework of the school curriculum, the platform is aimed at vocational guidance for adolescents. Registration takes only a couple of minutes, after which the user is added to groups in Viber and Telegram and provided with logins and passwords to enter.
  • The A+ Academy of Modern Education has developed an online project to support Ukrainian children who cannot study due to martial law. The training includes materials from international programs IB DP and Cambridge IGCSE. There are bilingual classes. You will need to install the Zoom app for the class.
  • Jamm School for students in grades 5-11 provides access to distance learning, developed according to the Harvard program. Children will be able to communicate with peers, participate in master classes; get access to electronic textbooks, materials for self-examination and so on.
  • Distance School Optima School provides curriculum-appropriate learning materials for students in grades 1-11. Lessons and self-test materials are available 24/7; Each student is accompanied by a tutor.
  • The platform of modern education ThinkGlobal Online invites you to attend live online lessons. You can follow the announcements on the school 's Facebook page.
  • The licensed distance school Liko Education Online posted detailed instructions on the main page for registering for free training courses for students in elementary, middle and high schools. Each course consists of lessons of different formats, practical tasks and tests.
  • External education is offered by the Alterra School (link to the Facebook page). In the comments to the post published access for students in grades 1-11. The training materials consist of video tutorials and verification tests.
  • The telegram channel of OkStudy online school has published a link to the telegram chat “OkStudy together with you”, where interesting interactive activities for children are held. In the pinned chat messages, the updated schedule and all the necessary links. Classes are held on the Zoom platform.
  • The STEP Computer Academy has opened free access to lessons for users aged 7-14: Internet security, creation and first steps to make money on NFT, game development using Construct, and more. Stay tuned for class announcements on Facebook.
  • The Scientific Lyceum of Klim Churyumov invites you to online lessons, remote meetings with psychologists. Children will master the school curriculum, listen to lectureson popular science topics. Also, schoolchildren will be able to attend author's courses from artists, scientists, join the language club. Information is posted in the Telegram channel. The registration form is located at this link.
  • Distance Education Center "Dzherelo" provided an opportunity for independent study of the school curriculum for students in grades 1-11. To do this, register for the program "Hearer".
  • The School Navigator opened free access to lessons in Ukrainian, English and Russian. The platform hospitably awaits students and parents who find themselves in difficult conditions. It also invites teachers who want to provide professional assistance to young citizens of Ukraine for cooperation. The site also contains a list of European schools that are ready to accept Ukrainian children for offline education.
  • Mathematical online platform GIOS “opened the door” for students in grades 5-9. Students will be able to attend interactive lessons that correspond to the school curriculum.
  • The research school "Basis" together with the Viber community School_info conduct lessons for primary and secondary school students.
  • The School of Democratic Education "Maybutni" offers classes for the age categories of 5-12 years old and high school students. Telegram account required.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has launched the All-Ukrainian Schedule. The site contains a schedule of classes for two weeks, video lessons, tasks for self-examination are published.lessons Physical education and moments of psychological unloading.


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