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Conditions for refugees to EU countries that do not have common borders with Ukraine

Conditions for refugees to EU countries that do not have common borders with Ukraine

EU Member States have activated the Directive on the temporary protection of refugees. This means that once in such a state, Ukrainians will receive a temporary residence permit and some assistance in solving social and domestic problems, including the opportunity to work and receive primary medical care.


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Rules for staying in certain countries

EU directive: “In accordance with the EU regulation, citizens of Ukraine who seek asylum in connection with the war can stay in the countries of the European Union for up to three years without having to apply for asylum in advance.”

We are talking about such countries: Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland. Let's look at some examples.



Crossing the border for citizens of Ukraine (refugees) is possible with a biometric passport, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, an internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine and a birth certificate.

Grants the right to visa-free travel, temporary asylum and the right to reside for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. The deadline may be extended for humanitarian reasons. 

Bulgaria provides free primary medical consultation services, access to the labor market. The issue of teaching children in schools is being addressed.

Where to look for help

Refugees in Bulgaria

Round-the-clock hotline of the Embassy of Ukraine:

+359 878 015 102

crisis headquarters and coll-center for Ukrainians:

+359 884 110 050 (legal issues)

+359 884 110 330 (humanitarian aid)

A platform to help refugees



Temporary protection for a year with permission to work and receive medical care. 

Humanitarian assistance is provided when entering Greece through the automobile checkpoint on the border with Bulgaria "Promachonas". Here is a temporary shelter for Ukrainians who cannot provide themselves with housing their own. After placement, you should submit an application to e-mail ukraine@migration.gr.ua, indicating the composition and age of family members, as well as individual medical needs.

Prior to obtaining the status of temporary protection, if necessary, citizens of Ukraine can be hospitalized in public hospitals in Greece, provided that they need emergency care or in case of childbirth.

Where to look for help

Ukrainians in Greece

Embassy of Ukraine in Greece

(Attica, Dodecanese Islands, Epirus, Ionian Islands, Cyclades Islands, Crete, Peloponnese, North Aegean, Sporades, Thessaly)

Address: 2, Stephanou Delta Str. 152 37 Filothei, Greece


+302 106 800 230


+306 932 765 606

Email: consul_gr@mfa.gov.ua

Consulate of Ukraine in Thessaloniki

(Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia (counties: Drama, Evra, Kavala, Xanthi, Rhodope, Thessaloniki, Imafia, Kilkis, Pella, Pieria, Serron, Halkidiki, Grevena, Kastoria, Konas Oani, Flori )

Address: 546 25, Greece, Thessaloniki, st. Navarhu Kunduriot, 2


+302 310 500 045

E-mail: gc_grs@mfa.gov.ua


+306 934 077 385



V Spain can also be granted temporary asylum by entering through a third country. Customs will ask for any document proving the identity and citizenship of Ukraine. It is desirable that the document has the writing of personal data in Latin.

Where to seek help

Centers for assistance to Ukrainian refugees:

Barcelona, ​​Fira de Barcelona exhibition center

Alicante, Hospital General Universitario Dr. Balmis

Madrid, building of the Centro de formación de la Seguridad Social

Housing in Spain for Refugees:

The European Platform

Search service

Spain: support for Ukrainians

Info assistance to Ukrainians in Barcelona

Help to Ukrainians in Spain

Refugee Ukraine — Spain

Spain from Ukraine

Official institutions:

Embassy of Ukraine in Spain

(boundaries of the consular circle: autonomous regions of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla-Leon, Cantabria, Rioja, Navarre, Aragon, Basque Country, Extremadura, Asturias, Galicia; Principality of Andorra)

Address: c / Ronda de la Abubilla, 52, 28043 Madrid


+349 174 893 60

+349 174 893 82


+346 206 413 24

Email: ukrembassy.esp@gmail.com

Reception of citizens daily from 08.30 to 20.30

Additional line:

+349 104 184 16 (stationary from 09.00 to 18.00)


+349 174 893 60

+349 174 893 78

+349 174 893 83

Consulate General of Ukraine in Barcelona

(Consular Circle: Catalonia, Valencia, Balearic Islands)

Address: c. Numancia, 185, bajos 2 Barcelona 08034 Spain


+349 340 289 56


+346 293 829 36

Email: barcelonaconsul@gmail.com

Reception of citizens daily from 08.30 to 20.30

Consulate of Ukraine in Malaga

(consular boundaries: Andalusia, Murcia, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)

Address: 29016, Málaga, c / Maestranza 23, 1 derecha


+349 522 206 15


+346 365 480 17

Email: malagaucr@gmail.com

Reception of citizens daily from 08.30 to 20.30



the Italy territories of third countries, so pay attention to the conditions of travel through their borders. Italy allows refugees to stay on its territory for a year, after which the period can be extended for another year. Ukrainian refugees have the right to obtain a residence permit (permesso speciale temporaneo) for a period of one year, this document gives the right to work in the country and, if desired, move to other states. For registration, you need to contact the department of the migration service (Questura).

Where to seek help

Ukrainians in Italy

The first steps of a refugee in Italy

Ukrainians in Italy

Channel Ukrainians in Italy

Official institutions:

Embassy of Ukraine in Italy (Rome)

(Consular District Lazio, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Umbria, Marche, Molise, Sardinia, Republic of San Marino, Republic of Malta)

Address: Via Guido d’Arezzo 9, 00198 Roma


+390 684 126 30

+390 682 003 641


+393 519 886 823

Email: ambasciataducrainainitalia@gmail.com

Email: ucrconsolato@gmail.com

Monday-Sunday 9.00-21.00

Consulate General of Ukraine in Milan

(Consular District Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, Trentino-Alto Adige, Val d'Aosta, Veneto)

Address: Via Ludovico di Breme 11, 20156 Milano


+390 280 13 33


+393 487 254 038

Volunteers providing counseling for refugees from Ukraine:

+393 516 149 179

+393 519 303 843

Email: milanoconsolato1@gmail.com

Monday-Sunday 9.00-21.00

Consulate General of Ukraine in Naples

(borders of the consular district – Regions of Campania, Calabria, Basilicata, Puglia, Sicily)

Address: Via G.Porzio, 4 Centro Direzionale, isola B-3, int.5-6, 80143 Napoli


+390 817 875 433


+393 277 364 822

Email: consolato.ucraino.napoli@gmail.com



You can only enter France through a third country, so follow the requirements of the country whose borders we will cross. You must have a biometric passport. But if you do not have it, contact one of the consulates of the country bordering Ukraine.

We advise you to choose the capital as your destination: in Paris there is a volunteer point Urgence Ukraine at the Consulate of Ukraine, where you can get comprehensive assistance.

Where to look for help

Helping refugees in France

Helping Ukrainians in France

Paris helping Ukrainians

Ukrainians in Paris and France

Official institutions:

Address of the volunteer center Urgence Ukraine:

Paris, Center d`accueil Ukrainiens HALL 2.1, Accès Place des insurges de Varsovie Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris (metro station Porte de Versailles).

The point is open daily without weekends from 09.00 to 18.00.

Embassy of Ukraine in France

Address: 75007 Paris, avenue de Saxe, 21

The consular point at the Reception Center for Ukrainian Citizens in Paris is open: Monday-Friday from 9.00 to 14.00.

Embassy website


+331 565 813 70


+336 077 153 56 (only in case of threat to life or death of citizens of Ukraine)

Email: consul_fr@mfa.gov.ua

Reception schedule for citizens of Ukraine

Monday-Sunday: 09:00 to 21:00



An application for temporary asylum in Sweden is accepted at the Migration Agency. The Temporary Asylum Permit entitles refugees to housing assistance, employment, primary care, schooling for children, and financial support.

Where to look for help

Help for Ukrainians in Sweden

Official institutions:

Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Sweden

Address: Stjärnvägen 2a, 181 50 Lidingö


+468 522 284 01


+467 040 761 03

Email: emb_se@mfa.gov.ua


Czech Republic

State customs allow Ukrainian citizens to pass even without a biometric passport. Within 30 days, you must register at the regional assistance center for Ukraine, which is in every major city. In addition, all the necessary documents can be obtained at the police stations for foreigners. Humanitarian visa is issued for a period of 1 year.

Ukrainians are provided with one-time financial assistance and free medical insurance. There are programs for accommodation and education for children, help with finding a job. You need a permit to get a job. Travel by rail is free. After the end of martial law, the Czech Republic will have to leave.

Where to look for help

Help UA v CZ

Consultations for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic

Help refugees with animals

Helping Refugees Chat

Official institutions:

MFD Czech Republic Infotephone to help refugees:

+420 974 801 80

About the conditions of stay in the Czech Republic in detail

Questionnaire from the Czech Ministry of the Interior for assistance

Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic

The boundaries of the consular district of the Embassy

(Prague, Central Bohemian Region, South Bohemian Region, Plze край Region, Karlovy Vary Region, стеstí nad Labem Region, Liberec Region, Kralovehrad Region)

Address: Charlese de Gaulla 29, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic


+420 227 020 212

Hotline (round the clock):

+420 602 224 938

Email: ukremb.prague@gmail.com

Operating mode (during martial law): 08.00-20.00

Consulate of Ukraine in Brno

Borders of the KU Consular District in Brno (Zlín Region, Moravian-Silesian Region, Olomouc Region, Pardubice Region, South Moravian Region, Vysočina Region)

address: Czech Republic 60200, Brno, st. Barvichova 56


+420 541 216 973

+420 541 216 972

Hotline (round the clock):

+420 722 949 376

e-mail: gc_czb@mfa.gov.ua

Operating mode (during martial law): 08.00-20: 00



About international passports

From March 1, 2022, Ukrainians can extend their passports for another 5 years free of charge. In addition, photos of children with their personal data are pasted into the passports of parents or legal representatives. This information certifies their identity and confirms the citizenship of Ukraine.

The extension of the validity of passports, pasting photos of the child into the passports of parents or legal representatives is carried out by territorial bodies / territorial divisions of the State Customs Service, as well as embassies and consular offices of Ukraine.


Where to get help in other countries

You can learn in detail about the rules for crossing the borders of any other country and about the conditions for the stay of Ukrainian refugees using an interactive map from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Ukraine Austria

Ukrainians in Austria

Help for Ukrainians in Austria


Ukrainians in Belgium

Help for Ukrainians in Belgium


Hungary, Ukrainians in Hungary (Hungary)

Help at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border

Volunteer community in Hungary

A selection of sites from the UN

Settlement applications


Help for Ukrainians in Denmark

Help on resettlement of Ukrainian refugees in Denmark


Help for Ukrainians in Israel

Israel, help for Chernihiv

Advocate's Council in Israel Volunteer lawyers help refugees and new repatriates


Ukrainians in Cyprus

Ukrainians in Cyprus / Ukrainians in Cyprus


FromUkraine to Latvia


Help Ukraine LTin Lithuania 






Portuguese Immigration and Border Guard Service website

Ukrainians of Portugal


Ukrainians in Slovenia, Facebook

Help for Ukrainian refugees in Slovenia

Help for Ukrainians from Slovenia and Italy


Ukrainians in Estonia


Ukrainians in Finland

Help in Finland

to refugees from Ukraine in Finland




Links to common resources for many countries:

Situation at the border:

Current list of checkpoints in operation

Interactive map of checkpoints / CPVR

Table of monitoring queues at the border

Resources to help refugees:

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry website

General instructions for Ukrainians abroad

Help Ukraine

Helpfrom Europe

Volunteer group Works Good Ukraine 2022

Ukrainian aid group for refugees

cats and dogs in

need Help for refugees from Ukraine

Wind duet(railway schedule, news)


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