Predator's menu\: what to cook for the New Year of the Tiger 2022

Predator's menu: what to cook for the New Year of the Tiger 2022

The patron saint of 2022 is the Tiger. This serious beast requires respect. According to the forecasts of astrologers, it is necessary to meet a striped predator in a close family circle, because he does not like noisy crowded parties. The symbol of the coming year respects traditions, but accepts experiments, therefore, when preparing for the holiday, moderate creativity is welcomed.

What to cook for the New Year's table 2022 The

Tiger is a lover of delicious food who prefers chic feasts. He will not tolerate preparations in the style of β€œand so it will do”, but he will approve of the variety of flavors. The predator likes to choose imposingly, savoring successful dishes. Enjoying snacks for a long time and skillfully, he behaves like a true gourmet.

Meat dishes for the New Year 2022

Like any representative of the cat family, he prefers meat, so the abundance of meat dishes on the festive table is an indispensable attribute. It is better to bake whole chicken, turkey, quail. You can stew, grill, bake in foil or sleeve, smoke β€” any meat delicacies will do.

Vegetarians are advised to cook dishes from soy meat: cutlets, chops, pates, roast, seasoned with different sauces.

Garnish on the festive table 2022

Meat is in harmony with potato dishes. Fortunately, there are a lot of recipes β€” mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes with herbs, baked, fries, in pots, and so on. 

There is also a reason to try unusual vegetables, fruits, baked in the oven or on the grill: bell peppers, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, cauliflower, avocado. Original sauces, spices, seasonings will make these products open up in a new way.

A dynamic Tiger needs constant energy supply. According to Feng Shui, ginger nourishes strength and health; cinnamon β€” the energy of money; nutmeg β€” good luck. It is not for nothing that these spices are included in many traditional New Year and Christmas dishes.

If you want to get serious about orange, use dried zest, saffron, turmeric, and mild red paprika. The last of the listed spices has many variations β€” gourmet, sweet, special, pink and even smoked.

Salads for New Year 2022

Ideally, you should put 3-5 different salads on the table. The assortment can be as follows: meat, with mayonnaise, fresh vegetables, hot, fruit. 

Traditional recipes will delight the conservative Tiger, especially since the priority is puff and hearty dishes. Olivier, vinaigrette, herring under a fur coat, but with a little twist will go perfectly. Add fried or pickled mushrooms to the vinaigrette. Put cod liver and chopped sour apple in Olivier. Update the Coated Herring recipe by replacing the main ingredient with slightly salted red fish. Original ingredients will make these dishes play in a whole new way!

Mayonnaise is ideal as a dressing; sour cream, cheese, creamy sauce.

Since the upcoming predator prefers orange, green, vegetables and fruits of these shades are preferred. Do not forget about greens, sprigs of herbs, lettuce β€” as you know, all cats love to feast on succulent grass.

Snacks for the Year of the Tiger 2022

You will not be able to do without sausage and cold cuts β€” balyk, boiled pork, jamon will cause the Master of the Year to grumble benevolently. Plates can be decorated with lettuce leaves, herbs.

An excellent option is sandwiches with pate, cold cuts or fish; canapes, tartlets, pancake or pita rolls with meat filling, eggs, cheese, vegetables. By the way, in appetizers, as in salads, you can realize your love for fish and seafood. 

New Year's desserts 2022 The

Striped predator is indifferent to β€œheavy” sweets β€” butter cream cakes, cakes. To satisfy the needs of celebrating sweethearts, prepare small portioned desserts from marshmallows, meringues, baked apples, fruit slices, cookies. It is advisable to use soft cheeses, nuts, dairy products. Cheesecakes, mousses, parfaits, puddings, biscuits are distinguished by a variety of tastes. Apply for ideas to national cuisines!

Fruits on the festive table 2022

Fruits are a completely self-sufficient product; they can successfully play the role of a beautiful and tasty dessert. Try making a sweet salad by dressing the orange, apple, banana and pineapple slices with ice cream, low-fat cream, and shredded chocolate.

Orange persimmons, oranges, tangerines, as well as any other exotic fruit will perfectly fit into the concept of a "tiger" table.

Drinks for the New Year 2022

A connoisseur of quality products, the Owner of the Year prefers drinks made from natural ingredients: fresh juices, compotes, uzvars, fruit drinks, mulled wine, homemade (still) lemonades.

From alcohol β€” dry or semi-sweet still wines. But the Tiger does not like high-degree alcohol. If you do not want to give up alcoholic drinks, we advise you to moderately consume aged cognacs and other alcoholic products of the highest quality.

What should not be put on the New Year's table 2022

  • Since a jealous person does not like to share prey, leave the game dishes for other occasions.
  • It is not advisable to use fatty meat, take lean cuts for cooking.
  • According to legend, the Bull once defeated and made fun of the Tiger, so beef and veal evoke unpleasant associations in the predator.
  • Another taboo is jellied meat, jellied meat. An agile, active predator does not like stagnant water, which these dishes resemble.
  • Korean cuisine will provoke anger β€” the country has a tradition of eating tiger and cat meat, which is offensive for the symbol of the year.
  • Also banned fish and seafood β€” tigers do not know how to catch them, so it is recommended to use delicacies only as ingredients, but not as a main course. An exception may be baked whole fish as a symbol of wealth in the East.
  • We'll have to give up cereals, cereals; spicy cheeses, sauces, condiments, fizzy drinks β€” the hiss reminds the Tiger of a threat. Remember how domestic cats quarrel!
  • Some vegetables were in disgrace β€” cabbage, especially sauerkraut, turnip, radish. Do not rush to be upset! In recipes, sauerkraut can be replaced with pickles, zucchini, tomatoes.
  • Strong alcohol in the coming year in disgrace. An intoxicated person resembles a striped beast a monkey β€” this is another enemy of the tiger.
  • The proud, regal sign is used to being pampered. Never place semi-finished products on the table. Eliminate any base products.

As you can see, the Tiger is very whimsical. The more interesting it is to pick up recipes! But, having pleased the predator, you can count on luck, because the coming year prepares many surprises in a pleasant financial sphere.

How to decorate a New Year's table and a room 2022

Finally, housewives have a reason to show off family crystal, silver and porcelain! The refined Tiger is scrupulous about the dishes and the general table setting. Of course, you can do without the services, but in this case it is necessary to show a high sense of taste.


Try to place it in the center of the room as a symbol of family tradition. You will need a beautiful white tablecloth with an exquisite decor, napkins from natural materials. If this is a problem, use plain plain textiles.

Table decor

Elements of New Year's decorations β€” Christmas tree branches, toys, pine cones, tinsel, candles β€” will ideally fit into the concept of luxury and prosperity. 

Symbol of the Year

Certainly, a Tiger figurine should flaunt in the center of the table! Be sure to place a container with clean water next to it, because this year we are dealing with the water element. Wide vases, glass containers filled with water, decorative greenery and floating buds look very beautiful. Candles installed nearby will add bright sun glare.


It is good if the color scheme of the decor will be in golden or silver shades.

Room decoration

No frills, just a sophisticated style. A reasonable balance between luxury and minimalism is needed. In addition to the Christmas tree, let there be live plants in pots β€” they will remind the Tiger of his native jungle. We also recommend buying a Christmas tree in a flowerpot, alive. 


Tigers see perfectly in the dark, the abundance of artificial light annoys him. Leave the lighting dim. For a festive atmosphere, add Christmas garlands, candles.

Decorating the whole house

Take a look around. Boring? There are budget ideas to make the decor smart! Hang up the Christmas balls. Attach some themed magnets to the refrigerator. Decorate the curtains with garlands or rain, tinsel. Paper figures and snowflakes do not lose their relevance. 

You can make many beautiful, original decorations with your own hands: Christmas wreaths, topiary, figures, an artificial fireplace. The windows, painted in the theme of the holiday, will delight the kids.


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