17 inspiring films about Christmas

17 inspiring films about Christmas

Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays of the year. The atmosphere of magic is felt everywhere. Sentimentality awakens in adults, we recall the happy moments of ancient times. Psychologists have called the phenomenon "the phenomenon of returning to childhood." Sometimes adults need a fairy tale more than children! That is why all films dedicated to the winter holidays are cute and naive. 

Novelties 2021

1. 8-bit Christmas (USA)

 In 1988, the entire population of America's eight-fun on consoles Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The father Jack Doyle tells her daughter as a child, he and his friends are dreaming to get a treasured toy. On Christmas Eve, they come up with a careful plan.

Director: Michael Daus. Cast: Winslow Fegley, Neil Patrick Harris, June Raphael, Steve Zahn, Sophia Reed-Ganzert.

2. Zoe's Unusual Christmas (USA)

Musical, fantasy, drama, comedy โ€” everything you need for a cozy family evening. Zoya has an unusual gift, she knows how to hear other people's thoughts through music. Before Christmas, people think especially a lot โ€” gifts, experiences, plans. Therefore, very bright, eventful days await Zoya. Is she happy with her peculiarity? 

Director: Richard Shepard. Cast: Skylar Astin, Peter Gallagher, Michael Thomas Grant, Alice Lee, Andrew Leeds, Jane Levy, Alex Newell, Bernadette Peters, Sam Quinn.

3. A boy named Christmas (Great Britain, France)

A beautiful kind fairy tale for children, young and adults! Recommended for viewing for those who have not lost faith in kindness. 

Nicholas and Joel, son and father, live in distant Lapland. One day, their king gathered the most reliable peasants to send them north in search of something that would bring hope. The father left his son to be raised by his sister Caroltta, and he himself left to find the legendary village of the elves Elfhelm. In vain, Nicholas waited impatiently for Joel โ€” he never returned. Then the boy himself goes in search of his father. Along with him are unusual friends โ€” the deer Blitzen and the talking tame mouse. To see, you have to believe!

Directed by Gil Keenan. Actors: Henry Lowfull, Toby Jones, Sally Hawkins, Kristen Wiig, Michiel Hausman, Zoe Colletti.

4. 10 days with Santa (Italy)

A comedy with an Italian temperament about the journey of an ordinary family. Carlo, Julia and their three children go to Switzerland for winter holidays. In the dark, they hit a bumper strange man dressed like Santa with their. The frightened spouses are relieved to be convinced that the passer-by is still alive and well. They kindly offer to drive him into town, unaware that the family's adventures are just beginning.

Director: Alessandro Genovezi. Actors: Fabio De Luigi, Valentina Lodovini, Diego Abatantuono, Angelica Ellie, Bianca Usay, Matteo Castellucci.

5. A Spencer: The Secret of Princess Diana (Germany, Chile, UK, USA)

Film for thinking viewers who appreciate stories based on real events. Fans ofone of the most beautiful and strong-willed women in Britain โ€” Lady Dee โ€” will be able to get away from the template of a radiant and bright princess and see her as an ordinary person. The creators will allow you to look at the "grandfather inside" side of Diana โ€” a suffering woman, whose marriage is bursting at the seams. Having learned about her husband's betrayal, Lady Di is forced to โ€œwatch her faceโ€, because she is visiting the queen, and here it is not customary to show human emotions. FAMILY celebrates Christmas and that says it all. Will the princess manage to endure the game that is too much for every woman to end? 

Director: Pablo Larrain. Actors: Kristen Stewart, Jack Farthing, Sally Hawkins, Sean Harris, Amy Manson.

2020 Movies

6. Ahead of Christmas (Canada) before

A beautiful, kind love story to watchChristmas. Take a break from the hustle and bustle, work and life! 

Ain the village house small family party is being organizedamong the snow and garlands. He and She are among the guests. The tough, cold Hayley hates Paul for many years for the fact that he became the unwitting reason for her separation from her lover. As if on purpose (or not โ€œas ifโ€?) The couple is forced to do something together all the time, gradually imbued with mutual sympathy. What about pride? How will the confrontation of different natures end.

Director: Ernie Barbarash. Cast: Jessica Lounds, Chad Michael Murray, Vanessa Sears, Steve Byers.

7. Christmas Chronicles 2 (Canada) The

Spirit of Christmas rushes to you! Watch this wonderful family comedy about the adventures of Kate and Jack. Instead of a tropical island, the hut of Santa Claus! Strange for teenagers who hardly believe in Christmas. And all because of the portal into which they unexpectedly fell. 

The mysterious sorcerer Belsnickel wants to steal the Festival. Keith, Jack and โ€œnonexistentโ€ Santa find themselves on the same team.

Director: Chris Columbus. Actors: Kurt Russell, Judah Lewis, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Goldie Hawn, Julian Dennison. 

8. Couple for the Holidays (USA)

Sloane and Jackson's romantic story began with an argument. Perhaps their paths would have parted immediately, if not for one โ€œbutโ€: the girl desperately needs a fiancรฉ for Christmas, otherwise loving relatives will not leave her alone about the positive in all respects Rodney. Jackson, in turn, wants to appear respectable to his friends. 

The couple agree to help each other out, portraying lovers. Of course, there shouldn't be any feelings in reality! Or not?

Director: John Whitesell. Actors: Emma Roberts, Andrew Bachelor, Luke Bracey, Christine Chenowet, Frances Fisher.

9. Christmas of Bob the Cat (Great Britain)

A touching, cute film about Bob the cat and his owner. A story based on real events. As a young man, musician James Bowen was left homeless and without a livelihood. Taking a guitar in his hands, he began to sing in the streets. But this activity did not bring real success, until one day.

Street cat Bob injured his paw. James took pity on the poor man and with the last money healed him, since then the friends have not parted. The charming couple gained great popularity, they came to see from different cities of Britain. Having straightened things out, Bowen was able to rent an apartment. A little later, he will write a bookon which this film is based. See a true Christmas tale with a happy ending!

Director: Charles Martin Smith. Cast: Luke Treadaway, Anna Wilson-Jones, Christina Tonteri-Young

10. Christmas in chocolate (USA)

Businesswoman Sadie comes to her parents to spend Christmas with them. A strong, self-confident girl has only one weakness: she dreams of running her father's chocolate shop. For the holiday, the father had a surprise for his daughter โ€” not knowing about Sadie's ambitions, he sold the shop. The girl's task is to teach the new owner everything she knows herself. But Alex turns out to be too charming. Sadie constantly reminds herself that she should hate him, but gradually falls under the charm of the guy. 

Director: Sandra L. Martin. Cast: Malone Thomas, Jason Burkee, Alexandra Ficken, Remy Hilson.

11. Christmas on Ice (USA)

Positive, touching and light and uplifting film! Hockey player Noah and figure skating coach Courtney try to save the municipal ice rink. 

The mayor of the city is forced to announce that the skating rink is closing โ€” problems with funding do not allow the city to bear such expenses. Will enthusiasts manage to find a good solution? And who will Courtney and Noah become to each other?

Director: John Stimpson. Cast: Abigail Klein, Ryan Cooper, Carolina Porto, Will Lyman.

12. An Unusual Story for Christmas (Ireland, Canada)

A biographical film about the creation of one of the most popular works about winter โ€” โ€œAn Unusual Story for Christmasโ€. A creative crisis prevents Charles Dickens from writing the book that publishers are waiting for. In a lost mood, he wanders around the house. Suddenly magic happens, and the writer gets a story that has become a world bestseller. A book in which the heroes do not obey the author? Everything is possible in this movie!

Director: Bharat Nalluri. Actors: Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer, Mark Schrier, Jonathan Price, Patrick Joseph Burns.

2019 Christmas Movie The

13. Good Doctor (France)

What can adelivery pizzaguy do on Christmas night? It turns out a lot. Treat fractures, relieve fever in babies and even deliver. Do you know exactly who your doctor is? Courier Malek together with Dr. Serge will cure everyone!

Director: Tristan Seguela. Cast: Michel Blanc, Hakim Jemili, Solen Rigaud, Chantal Loby, Frank Gastambid, Victor Artus Solaro.

14. Santa in Training (USA)

Eddie Garcia is a janitor at a basketball stadium. Dreary everyday life, discord in the family, the approaching Christmas drive the main character into anger and blues. One day Eddie wakes up and sees the elves Dippy and Slippy at his bedside. They happily inform the guy that he has been chosen as the new Santa. 

Director: Christian Vogeler. Actors: Antonio Sabato Jr., Julio Iglesias Jr., Carson Rowland

15. Christmas at the Castle (USA) The

Bank decided to turn a gamble, as a result of which the owner of the family boarding house Brooke Phipps could lose the ancestral nest of Shakespeare's Castle. Difficult everyday life related to guest service. A strange virtual romance with a certain lonely father. An unexpected meeting with a bank employee Grant, who allegedly fell in love with Brooke โ€” is it worth believing his promises to help, or is this a continuation of the banking scam? You never know what fate will come up with to bring strangers together!

Director: Jason Hudson. Actors: Kinsey Parker, Jasten Jones, Jeff Staab, Sarah McGuire

16. Christmas for Two (UK) A

Dramatic comedy with an unexpected ending. A sentimental story about a girl who has lost faith in herself. Katarina works as an elf in a Christmas shop. Just before Christmas, she loses her home, but she gets a lot of trouble. One day, Kate meets an unusual guy who rides a bike past her store every day. Tom becomes a real friend to her and even something more. Will a real Christmas miracle happen to the heroes?

Director: Paul Fig. Cast: Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh.

17. Christmas Ice Cream (USA)

Good Holmark Family Movie! It's time to watch such films and believe in a miracle. Emily White is the owner of a dairy farm. However, things are not going very well โ€” the farm has to be mortgaged again in order to pay salaries to the workers. Out of time, Dorothy, Emily's sister, decides to sell her share of the property. The owner of the farm does her best to preserve the heritage of her parents. To overcome the crisis, she is applying for the competition for the best ice cream according to the original recipe.

Director: John Stimpson. Actors: Katie Leclerc, Ryan Cooper, Katie Harum, Carolina Porto, Tom Kemp, Nick Verina, Celeste Oliva, Charles Van Eman.


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