How to get started in freelancing, Part 2\. First steps

How to get started in freelancing, Part 2. First steps

Freelancing is great because you can manage your schedule and workload. Many freelance jobs allow you to work from home, which parents of young children appreciate; those who cannot actively move; does not like to deal with the team, etc. Among freelancers there are highly qualified employees, students, as well as self-taught specialists who impart professional skills to varying degrees. Have you assessed the pros and cons of philanthropy and are you ready to try? Read on for our new collection of tips!


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What could you earn?

Contracting firms prefer to hire freelancers when it is more profitable to invite an employee for a season than to keep him on staff. A striking example of this is construction companies; agricultural focus on growing berries, fruits, vegetables, flowers. Most IT companies work on a freelance basis, thanks to which they can find and invite the best specialist; avoid renting an office, buying computers and other tools. Expert help, consulting, asset management, audit, evaluation, training courses, tutors. Do not lose popularity handmade β€” handmade products. Any hobby will bring financial benefits if you offer an original product; products or services of high quality; working solutions!


How to prepare for the first order

Even if you have extensive experience offline, but you have never dealt with online, read the recommendations and profile articles first, because remote work has its own peculiarities. You may need training courses, because online trends change quite quickly.

Prepare the basic tools and materials you will need. Be ready to add to the range if necessary β€” all this is an investment in your financial independence.

Make a list of basic questions that you cannot start a project without answering. Specify who will accept the work, try to receive instructions only from him.


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How to communicate with the customer

In some freelance professions, it is possible to avoid direct communication with the customer, and many performers tend to do so. However, when communicating by voice, you will get the maximum information by spending a minimum of time. On the other hand, correspondence is a real thing, while details can get lost during a conversation. We recommend combining these two methods:

  1. Conduct a preliminary conversation. Record all your discussions and save audio files for some time after the work is completed. If there is a chance that you will return to this project again, leave the information for the future.
  2. Prepare clarifying questions. Conduct a second interview. Repeat if necessary.
  3. When all the details are clear, create a text document in which you describe all the nuances of the project.
  4. Send a text document to the customer to confirm the details.

Help the other person during the discussion. Ask clarifying questions, offer ready-made solutions that are relevant to the project. It can be difficult for some clients to explain an idea, so keep the conversation polite and correct. Remember that the customer is not obliged to understand this issue, otherwise he would not have contacted a specialist.


What is TK? 

Terms of Reference (TOR), task β€” a list of requirements and wishes of the client for the work performed. The more detailed the task is described, the better the customer and the performer will understand each other. Fuzzy TOR almost always leads to misunderstanding, difficulties in execution, and the need for improvements.

The task also indicates the deadlines β€” they must be realistically feasible. Set deadlines with a margin, because force majeure can always arise. 

Customers, try to provide the contractor with examples that you like. Do not shift the assessment of the results to subordinates, family members β€” everyone has their own vision, sometimes opinions are completely opposite.

An important recommendation: break a large project into stages. So it will be easier for you to control the process, make changes. And payment for each completed part is convenient for both parties.


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Resources for Finding an Employer, Advertising Services

Being Active in Finding Clients is the Principle That Will Help You Get Started, Gain Experience, Quickly Build a Portfolio, Move to higher pay. To find orders, use the services of specialized online resources. Flagma free classifieds board offers to publish / search for vacancies, resumes in 53 countries, and from one account! By subscribing to our updates, you will receive announcements of current offers by e-mail.

You can also search for clients on freelancing exchanges, advertise in print newspapers, and advertise your services through word of mouthβ€”that is, ask established clients for help.


How to become in demand

  1. Hear the client! Listen to his wishes and do what he wants.
  2. Show expertise, do the job well, give a little more than the expected result.
  3. Be honest and sincere with the client: if circumstances arise, warn him and make every effort to return to work on new dates, fulfill the TOR in the best possible way.
  4. Be proactive and consistent in the quality and quantity of completed orders.
  5. Create a portfolio: break it down by type of work; add a photo, write case studies*.
  6. Constantly improve your qualifications and skills, keep abreast of industry innovations.
  7. Build partnerships to provide bundled services when needed.

*Case β€” a brief description of the completed project (TOR, what has been done, what result has been achieved, customer feedback).


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