For Private Individuals and Enterprises in Martial

For Private Individuals and Enterprises in Martial

17 March Privileges Law came into force citizens and businessmen in Ukraine. On March 17, the President signed the law, after which the new provisions came into force. Business and individual entrepreneurs received about 30 benefits, MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak said on his website.


Single tax for big business

For the period of martial law (!) In theretail business received permission to use the single tax option:

  • the limit was increased from 10 million to 10 billion;
  • tax 2% of turnover;
  • the limit on the number of workers has been lifted;
  • removed restrictions on activities (except for excisable goods and gambling);
  • The government gets the right to determine the order of tax payment.


Other norms and innovations

Is not considered a supply (ie not taxed) fuel through forced alienation or seizure of property for the needs of the state, the transfer of the Armed Forces and others, as well as the provision of fuel as humanitarian aid Such fuel is also exempt from excise duty.

2. It is specified that factual checks may be carried out to ensure the ability to pay by card.

3. The term of all terms, the control over the observance of which is entrusted to the State Traffic Police during martial law, shall be suspended.

4. Damage caused by inspection bodies as a result of force majeure during martial law shall not be reimbursed.

5. Penalties will not be charged for violations resulting from force majeure during martial law.

6. Charitable assistance provided to combatants and persons living on the territory of hostilities is not subject to personal income tax. Also, all non-targeted charitable assistance provided to persons affected by the armed aggression of the Russian Federation is not subject to personal income tax.

7. Penalty for late budget reimbursement of VAT will not be charged if the late reimbursement was due to force majeure.

8. The right to a tax rebate of 16% (instead of 4% now) on donations to non-profit organizations.

9. It is clarified that the VAT exemption for import into Ukraine and supply of PPE in Ukraine is also granted if these products are provided for the needs of voluntary formations of territorial communities.

10. It is specified that VAT is not paid on goods destroyed during the war, as well as transferred for defense purposes.

11. It is allowed to include in the VAT tax credit the amounts for which tax invoices have not been registered yet, but the necessary primary documents are available. Such invoices must be registered within 6 months from the end of martial law.

12. Establishment of 0 excise tax rate and 7% VAT on fuel.

13. The transfer of funds to the Armed Forces, etc., as well as to health care institutions, regardless of the type of charitable activity specified in the statutory documents, is not considered a violation of the requirements for the activities of non-profit organizations.

14. All factual inspections are resumed. Even those that were now banned during quarantine.

15. In-house inspections on declarations on which the application for refund of budgetary VAT refund has been submitted are resumed.

16. It is established that restrictions on the allocation of charitable assistance in the amount of not more than 4% of the amount of profit do not apply to charitable assistance provided to health care facilities and to the special account of the NBU to support the armed forces.

17. From February 24, 2022 until the end of the year, taxpayers for land located in the territories where hostilities are taking place are exempt from paying land fees. The list of territories is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers.

18. During martial law for banks, other financial institutions and inspection bodies, the time limits set for sending a notice of opening or closing an account and notifications of account registration or refusal to register an account by the inspection body shall be suspended.

19. In case the financial institution does not receive the notification (receipt) of the inspection body confirming the fact of acceptance of the notification on opening an account, expenditure operations may be carried out on such accounts without receiving confirmation.

20. During martial law, the provision of electronic services and the receipt of electronic documents from taxpayers are carried out on working days from 8 am to 6 pm.

21. Temporarily, until the end of martial law, the import and sale of tobacco products is allowed without established labeling, but with labeling in accordance with EU requirements.

22. A fine of UAH 8,500 is imposed for failure to pay by card.

23. Sanctions for violating the law on RRO are not applied until the end of martial law.

24. From March 1 until the end of martial law FOP 1-3 groups do not pay SDRs for themselves.

25. Simplified 2-3 groups are allowed not to pay SDRs for mobilized workers. Such amounts will be paid from the state budget.

26. For the period of martial law, sole proprietors do not pay SDRs if they do not receive income.

27. For the period of martial law and for 3 months after its end, fines and penalties on SRS are not applied, and inspections are not carried out.

28. The powers of the NBU are extended for the period of martial law.

29. The NBU is allowed to purchase securities from issuers during martial law.

30. The NBU is expected to pay the profit for 2021 in the 1st quarter of 2022.

31. Banks' right to issue blank loans is suspended.

32. For the time of the Supreme Court + 4 months, the NBU is obliged to classify banks as if the bank violated the minimum value of regulatory capital adequacy ratio or violated the value of at least one of the liquidity ratios below the minimum regulatory values.

33. For the period of + 4 months, the NBU removes the obligation of the NBU to classify banks as insolvent in case of reduction of the regulatory capital adequacy ratio and / or fixed capital adequacy ratio by 50 percent or more of the minimum level.

34. A number of financial monitoring concessions are provided for banks during the Armed Forces.

35. For the time of the Sun + 30 days, the responsibility for late payment on consumer loans is removed.

36. For the duration of the Sun + 30 days, foreclosure of property on mortgage and eviction of residents is prohibited.

37. Officials are subject to a salary limit for the duration of the Armed Forces of up to 10 minimum wages, except for those directly involved in measures necessary for the defense of Ukraine.

38. The State Tax Service has the right to draw up reports on violations of the procedure for conducting cash settlements and settlements using electronic means of payment.

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