Favorite New Year's movies\: what to see during the winter holidays in 2022\?

Favorite New Year's movies: what to see during the winter holidays in 2022?

Waste your winter evening watching cozy New Year's movies!

New film distribution 2019-2021

10 days with Santa (Italy, 2021)

Adventure, family film, fantasy. Unbridled Italian humor is embodied in a comedy about the adventures of Santa and his "charges". Julia's family life as a housewife and career woman requires a break, and they go on vacation with their children. On the way to Sweden, their car hits an unusual man dressed as Santa Claus. The family decides to give the victim a lift to the nearest town, not knowing that from now on their path will suddenly head to Lapland.

Director: Alessandro Genovezi. Cast: Fabio De Luigi, Valentina Lodovini, Diego Abatantuono, Angelica Elli, Bianca Usay, Matteo Castellucci.

Silent Night (UK, 2021)

โ€œDarkly hilarious and heartbreaking filmโ€! The parents of adorable boy Art frivolously invite friends to their Christmas party. Everything is fine, except that at the end of the party everyone dies. A very black, very family and specific comedy with a strong cast. 

Director: Camille Griffin. Cast: Annabelle Wallis, Keira Knightley, Lily-Rose Depp, Matthew Goode, Lucy Punch, Kirby Howell-Baptist, Roman Griffin Davis.

Ahead of Christmas (Canada, 2020)

Comedy, upbeat melodrama. The family gathers to celebrate Christmas in a small house located in a beautiful snow-covered village. In one company there are not only loving relatives, but also sworn enemies โ€” Haley and Tom. The couple will spend their holidays together and carry out an extensive festive program. How will the confrontation between He and She end? Perhaps cold hearts tremble?

Director: Annie Barbarash. Cast: Jessica Lounds, Chad Michael Murray, Vanessa Sears, Steve Byers.

Christmas on Ice (USA, 2020)

Melodrama. A big tragedy is brewing in a small town: the mayor is forced to close the local ice rink due to budget problems. The townspeople are discouraged, because the annual Christmas carnival is under threat! Former athletes โ€” ice skater Courtney and ice hockey player Noah โ€” team up to save what they love. Gradually, the heroes fall in love with each other. Will they be able to defend the ice rink and find personal happiness?

Director: John Stimpson. Cast: Abigail Klein, Ryan Cooper, Carolina Porto, Will Lyman.

Christmas in Chocolate (USA, 2020)

Family melodrama. A good film, the motto of which is: do not renounce. Sadie visits her parents for Christmas and learns that her father has sold the family business โ€” a small chocolate shop. Outraged to the depths of her soul, the girl is nevertheless forced to teach the new owner โ€” the handsome guy Alex โ€” the secrets of mastery. However, the situation becomes completely unexpected.

Director: Sandra Martin. Cast: Malone Thomas, Jason Burkee, Alexandra Ficken, Remy Hilson

Christmas the Cat Bob (UK, 2020)

Family comedy, drama. A touching film for lovers of cats and people with good hearts. A Christmas tale with a happy ending based on a true story. An unpretentious story about the wanderings of two friends โ€” a guy James Bowen and his cat Bob. They spend another Christmas in search of shelter and food. Trouble chases the couple, until one day the friends wake up famous โ€” James's autobiography changed their fate overnight. Do not lose optimism โ€” this is the motto of this film!

Director: Charles Martin Smith. Cast: Luke Treadaway, Anna Wilson-Jones, Christina Tonteri-Young.

Happy New Year! (Czech Republic, 2019)

Comedy, melodrama. Light, romantic and very positive film with beautiful visuals. Love of all ages is submissive, but to believe a man, a woman needs strong evidence. Funny, in places brought to the point of absurdity, jokes will be enjoyed during family viewing. For vacationers in the Tatra Mountains, the most intense series of adventures begins โ€” to take a break from toxic relationships, have time to fall in love, be disappointed and make sure of reciprocity. Will the main characters not be able to leave the resort alone?

Director: Jakub Kroner. Cast: Tatiana Paugofova, Gabriela Marchinkova, Yakub Prakhar

Christmas for two (UK, USA, 2019)

Melodrama. Atmospheric, sensual, slightly sad film with an amazing ending. The unusual plot reveals the theme of kindness and mercy. Katarina works... as an elf in a shop. On the eve of Christmas, there are so many happy people around, eager to get the best gifts for their loved ones. The sadder for the girl is her situation โ€” a failed career, unfulfilled dreams, poor health and alcohol problems. One day Kate meets an unusual guy who, as if, returns her faith in a miracle. But life is not so simple. Appreciate every moment and don't be afraid to be happy!

Director: Paul Fig. Cast: Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding, Emma Thompson, Michelle Yeoh.

Christmas of the Three Bears (USA, 2019)

Good fairy tale for children. There is no access to the enchanted forest for people, forest dwellers live without fear. A family of brown bears is preparing for Christmas in a small cozy house. The teddy bear goes into the thicket to find the perfect gift for his parents. Unbeknownst to himself, he wanders into the garden of an evil witch and she turns him into a boy. Break the spell and save Christmas! โ€” this is the motto of this film.

Director: William Butler. Cast: Josephine Bullock, Chayse Scaravilli, Sarah Katrenich, Michael Gallo.


Ukrainian films for New Year's mood

Beautiful, sometimes dramatic stories that happened on New Year's Eve will make you feel a little sad and cause a smile. The romantic adventures of the heroes of these films will not leave anyone indifferent.

New Year's Angel (2018)

A beautiful fairy tale about the girl Nastya, for whom the New Year holidays coincided with serious troubles. What could be worse than being completely alone on the evening of December 31st? Watch this movie as a cure for blues and bad moods!

Director: Valery Ibragimov. Cast: Evgenia Nokhrina, Alexandra Nazarova, Vladislav Kanopka, Yulia Yurchenko, Alexander Popov (IV), Natalia Tsyganenko, Nikolai Boklan.

Ded Moroz is urgently required (2007)

New Year's comedy with elements of black humor about the backstage life of Ded Moroz and Snegurochka - actors Stepanych and Nadya, who come to congratulate them at home. A hard work evening is coming to an end, ahead of the long-awaited rest and celebration of the New Year. But it turns out that the last client did not invite the animators โ€” the embittered and dangerous owner of the country mansion meets them with weapons.

Director: Zhanna Sokolova. Cast: Artur Vakha, Svetlana Pismichenko, Leonid Nevedomsky, Natalia Iokhvidova, Ekaterina Novikova, Sergey Russkin, Igor Kachaev.

Strange Christmas (2006)

A two-part comedy based on the famous play Strange Mrs. Savage. A cute, simple and cozy story about the fulfillment of desires, the hunt for an inheritance and the victory of good over greed. Olga Samoilova, heiress of millions of alcoholic tycoon, sees joy in fulfilling other people's dreams. However, her three adopted children feel very differently.

Director: Maxim Papernik. Cast: Barbara Brylska, Liya Akhedzhakova, Vladimir Goryansky, Igor Pismenny, Bogdan Stupka, Olga Sumskaya.

The Adventures of Nikolay S (2018)

Ukrainian analogue of the sparkling comedy for the whole family "Home Alone". Parents of Artyom and Polina are forced to leave urgently, leaving the children alone. And it was at this time that the thief, disguised as St. Nicholas, tries to rob their country house. Brave and resourceful children declare a serious war on the criminal.

Director: Semyon Gorov. Cast: Maxim Luchak, Vasily Virastyuk, Grigory Bokovenko, Masha Efrosinina, Przemyslav Tsipriansky, Ivanna Borodai, Andrey Kronglevsky.

Skates for a Champion (2014)

A colorful, atmospheric film on the age-old theme of the struggle between good and evil. During the figure skating competition, Anya Zarubina puts on skates that bring her โ€œgoldโ€. The hopes of the sponsor of the competition and the owner of the sporting goods store, Valeria Volkova, who put on all the other participants' shoes, are not justified, and she starts an insidious game.

Director: Maxim Papernik. Cast: Valeria Khodos, Yuri Dyak, Maria Aronova, Mikhail Politseimako.

Credens (2013)

Full-length tragicomedy that received many positive reviews. Usually calm and well-mannered, the talented cellist Orest reaches a boiling point โ€” he is forced to commit an immoral act in exchange for material benefits.

Director: Valentin Vasyanovich. Cast: Andrey Saminin, Olga Grishina, Mikhail Zhonin, Natalia Vasko, Neonila Beletskaya, Dmitry Bazai, Vitaly Ivanchenko, Veniamin Pribura.


Old New Year's Movies

Kind classics from the USSR will never get bored! It would seem that we know these films almost by heart, but we choose them to watch over and over again. The wonderful tradition of watching old films returns to the sweet atmosphere of the past years, awakens warm feelings and gives a good mood.

Carnival Night (1956)

A comedy-musical about preparations for a fancy-dress New Year's ball. The charming Lenochka Krylova, the organizer of the event, is forced to confront the boring bureaucrat Ogurtsov. Trying to direct the script in the โ€œright directionโ€ with all his might, Ogurtsov constantly finds himself in ridiculous situations, set up by cheerful, cheerful participants in the performances. The moviegoer has the opportunity to watch a full-fledged entertainment program, consisting of song, dance and circus acts, combined with backstage adventures.

Director: Eldar Ryazanov. Cast: Igor Ilyinsky, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Yuri Belov.

Look for a Woman (1982)

Delightful comedic detective story that happened to the heroes on New Year's Eve. Another smart, lightweight movie masterpiece that can be watched endlessly. In a boring, dusty notary's office, they find the body of the owner โ€” Master Roche. Secretary Alice Postic โ€” a woman of irrepressible energy and extreme spontaneity โ€” as a childhood friend of Commissioner Granden, begins her own investigation.

Director: Alla Surikova. Cast: Leonid Kuravlev, Sofiko Chiaureli, Sergei Yursky, Elena Solovey, Alexander Abdulov, Lyudmila Dmitrieva, Elena Ukrashchenok, Leonid Yarmolnik, Vladimir Basov.

Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath (1975)

Eternal New Year hit of the film distribution, its screening on December 31 has become a tradition. The charming surgeon Zhenya Lukashin flies off to a strange city by mistake and ends up in the apartment of a beautiful stranger. Confident that he is at home, Zhenya goes to bed and falls asleep.

Director: Eldar Ryazanov. Cast: Andrey Myagkov, Barbara Brylska, Yuri Yakovlev, Lyubov Dobrzhanskaya.

Old New Year (1980)

Satirical comedy that is worth watching, if only for the sake of playing the stars of Soviet cinema. Having quarreled with relatives, husbands dissatisfied with family life leave the festive feasts and find themselves in a common male company. The gatherings continue in the bathhouse. After knowingly steaming and correcting the spoiled mood over a glass of beer, the friends discuss family problems.

Directors: Naum Ardashnikov, Oleg Efremov. Cast: Vyacheslav Nevinny, Alexander Kalyagin, Irina Miroshnichenko, Ksenia Minina, Evgeny Evstigneev, Georgy Burkov.

Sorcerers (1982)

Charming comedy movie-musical. The Institute of Magic and Wizardry is preparing for the New Year and at the same time completing the development of a magic wand for mass production. Not without the help of Sataneev in love and the director of the Shemakhansk Institute, the beautiful Alyonushka turns into a witch and forgets her fiancรฉ Ivanushka.

Director: Konstantin Bromberg. Cast: Alexandra Yakovleva, Alexander Abdulov, Ekaterina Vasilieva, Valentin Gaft, Valery Zolotukhin.

Have you summoned the Snow Maiden? (1985)

Lyrical melodrama about the fact that in the life of every person there is a place for a miracle. The minibus driver Alexander Seregin is forced to replace the sick actor and master the role of Santa Claus on call. Together with their partner Svetlana Aleksandrovna, they fulfill orders, sent to the addresses of clients. A touching, slightly sad story awaits the partners behind each door.

Director: Valentin Mor

ozov. Cast: Irina Alferova, Vladimir Menshov, Olga Volkova, Ivan Krasko, Nikolai Lavrov, Georgy Shtil.

Zigzag of Fortune (1968)

A modern satire about the eternal financial question, instantly disassembled by the audience for quotes. The story of the photographer Vova Oreshin, who won 10,000 rubles with money borrowed from the mutual assistance fund. On the one hand, great luck, on the other โ€” an ugly act. Oreshin falls under the crossfire of envy and condemnation of colleagues. New Year's themes, plot twists and turns, light music by Andrey Petrov make this film truly sparkling.

Director: Eldar Ryazanov. Cast: Evgeny Leonov, Irina Skobtseva, Valentina Talyzina, Evgeny Evstigneev.


New Year's cartoon stories forchildren

Children It is impossible to calm downexcited by the bustle of the New Year. Some scour the house in search of hidden gifts. Give others proof that Santa Claus exists. Stop trying to call the offspring to order and play a movie about New Year's adventures! A list of your favorite movie hits will help you make a choice:

  • New Year's Adventures of Masha and Viti (USSR, 1975)
  • Morozko (USSR, 1964) The
  • Snow Queen (USSR, 1966)
  • Home Alone I, II, III, IV and V (USA, since 1990)
  • Charlie and Chocolate Factory (USA, 2005) A
  • Christmas Carol (USA, Canada, 1983)
  • Miracle on 34th Street (USA, 1994)
  • When Santa Fell to Earth (Germany, 2011) A
  • Christmas Carol (USA, 2009)
  • Dennis the Tormentor of Christmas (Canada, USA, 2007)
  • Elf (USA, Germany, 2003)
  • Horse (USA, Canada, 1989)
  • Santa Claus (USA, 1994)
  • In Search of Santa Lapus (Canada, 2010)
  • Shop of Miracles (USA, Canada, 2007)
  • All I Am I want for Christmas (USA, 1991)
  • Million for Christmas (Canada, USA, 2007)
  • Lost Christmas, 2011, dir. John Hay A
  • Christmas Carol (Finland, 2007)
  • A Little Christmas Tale (Sweden, Finland, 1999)


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