The New Year's toys in the form of a Tiger as a symbol of 2022

The New Year's toys in the form of a Tiger as a symbol of 2022

Beautiful tradition of giving a symbolic toy for the New Year is a win-win in everything. Firstly, many people collect Christmas tree figurines-signs of the zodiac. Secondly, if the owner did not have time to prepare for the meeting of the Tiger, you can help him out. Thirdly, every time you take a toy out of the box, a loved one will remember you with gratitude. In addition to Christmas tree figurines as a symbol of the year, you can present many other themed gifts.

  • Textile tiger. There is a huge selection of toys made of felt, plush, and primed textiles. Also on sale are knitted tigers, handmade felted wool predators.
  • Hastolnaya figure. According to legends, aat the New Year's table tiger must be present. In the form of a figurine, of course. The possibilities for a gift are incredible β€” inexpensive animals made of ceramics, plaster. Luxurious collectible tigers made of porcelain, crystal, onyx and other expensive materials.
  • Toy keychain. When choosing a souvenir, pay attention to the quality of the product: key rings are items of intensive use, and reliable fasteners will prevent an offensive loss.
  • Toy in the car interior. Suspended or on suction cups, symbols of the year for car decoration are always in sight.
  • Christmas toys. Models of mass production and unique handmade figurines are on sale. The first ones are best presented in a set. The second will delight collectors and hand-made connoisseurs.
  • Interior decor. There is always room in the house for another tiger. Decorations for windows, doors, chandelier pendants will add symbolism to the interior.
  • New Year's mask. It's great to fool around on New Year's Eve by dressing up in costumes. If you are not ready for such an experiment, just put on a mask or accessory.
  • Souvenir magnets. They will decorate those rooms that are usually overlooked β€” for example, a kitchen or a metal door.

On sale are tigers and cubs, made in different styles: naturalistic, for children, with New Year's accessories, humorous figures, with wishes, cartoon characters or fairy tales, β€œhumanized” tigers in clothes and / or with objects symbolic for any profession.


What else?

In addition to toys, to the symbols of the year any items reminiscent of a predator can easily be attributed.

  • Clothes with a tiger print. Ideal for going to holiday parties.
  • Decoration in the form of the symbol of the year. Jewelry is always appropriate, especially if this year is something memorable for you or a loved one was born in the year of the Tiger.
  • Postcards, posters, stickers, calendars. Nice souvenir small things that will not hit your pocket.
  • Dishes. The most beautiful sets or single serving items with tiger symbols will attract good luck all year round.
  • Pillows, striped bedding sets and other textiles will bring coziness to the interior.
  • Subject literature. An excellent gift for a little intellectual β€” encyclopedias, fairy tales, fiction.
  • Sets for needlework. Why not create a tiger yourself? A creative child will certainly fall in love with a homemade predator cast from plaster, knitted from threads, sewn from felt, painted on canvas.
  • Feng Shui souvenirs. It is the theme stores that have the most fantastic selection right now.

And that's not all! Any item resembling the upcoming zodiac sign automatically becomes the symbol of the year. If you apply an appropriate print on an item or decorate a gift in a thematic packaging, it is easy to fulfill any, even the most non-tiger's, dream of the person being gifted.


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