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The New Year's toasts\: interesting facts, preparations for table wishes

The New Year's toasts: interesting facts, preparations for table wishes

English word “toast” has an interesting origin. The term for drinking speech originated from a spicy piece of toasted bread that floated in a bowl of wine or ale. Now a toast is a wish, a greeting in honor of a person or an important event.



ToastThe tradition ofcomes from ancient Rome. It was there that the representatives of the nobility uttered short wishes before draining the glass. Together with the Roman legionaries, the custom migrated to Britain, where it received the name familiar to us. In modern tradition, there are several rules of etiquette.

The first toast is proclaimed no earlier than 10-15 minutes after the start of the feast. A universal option is a greeting speech, wishes for happiness and health. The owner of the house, toastmaster or steward starts.

The speaker is usually worth it. If he adds “to the bottom” or “let's drink without clinking glasses”, these wishes are mandatory. However, such "pranks" are not always appropriate — not everyone is able to drink a glass in one fell swoop.

Sometimes during a toast, it is necessary for everyone present to stand up — in the case when they drink to an honorable person or mention an important occasion.

While making a toast, it is unacceptable to conduct conversations, pour wine, eat, smoke, scroll a smartphone, insert comments. Those present place the cutlery on the edge of the plate and listen carefully. You can keep the glasses up. 

In small companies they try to clink glasses with everyone; at large celebrations, it is enough to touch the glasses with the closest neighbors or even completely omit this ritual. It is not at all necessary to drain the glass to the bottom — it is enough just to take a sip (unless it says “to the bottom”). 

The worst thing that can happen at the table is an obsessive companion. Forcing every glass to drink to the bottom, forcibly filling the glasses, forcing those who hoped to sit quietly on the sidelines to say toasts, he creates a nervous atmosphere for everyone except himself. Respect for the audience is the pinnacle of any etiquette and a pleasant feast in all respects.


How to choose a topic for a toast

Toast is a short, succinct speech by default. Do not get carried away and indulge in long monologues. Likewise, common phrases “let's go”, “shuddered”, “well, we will!” Are inappropriate — except for those cases when they drink in field conditions on a picnic, staircase and so on.

The toasts may contain a greeting to the hero of the occasion, the guest of honor, and all those present. A mention of the situation that gave rise to it. At weddings, anniversaries, buffets on the occasion of specific events, the theme is initially determined. But what if the meeting does not have a bright reason? 

Listen to the general table conversation. Try to capture her style and spirit and say a word that will fit the topic. 

A good toast is emotional, capacious and memorable. Humor is acceptable, but irony, sarcasm, unpleasant hints and wishes are not. If you have a feast, but you are not strong in speeches, stock up on a couple of template blanks.


New Year's toasts

Source: Internet


I raise my glass

On a magical New Year's evening!

For everything that everyone wished for!

For friendship and for our meeting!


We will fill the glasses with champagne again, Watching the

second hand,

So we will drink to happiness again and again, to

And Happy New Year, friendseveryone!


This toast to the New Year,

And it will be extremely simple: We will

drink for happiness, for success,

For friendship and cheerful laughter!


For the New Year, the glasses are up,

May success await us ahead,

And every day will be happy,

And let everyone be loved!


I'll say a toast to the New Year!

It will be short and simple:

For happiness, friendship for success

For tenderness, kindness and faith,

For warmth and victory!


White snowflakes,

Red garlands.

Like in a picture,


New Year is knocking,

Open the doors!

Letin will happen in him

everything that we believe!


The joyful sparkle of sparklers, A

glass of champagne,

In the faces of loved ones, happy people

The holiday goes to every home!

So let theon the night of magic

cherished dreams come true!

We wish you a merry celebration

And great happiness!


Friends, when we celebrate the New Year, we always think about the future, all our toasts are about the new, about the one that has not yet come... I propose to thank the old year, for the bright legacy left by him, for the minutes of joy, success and love, invaluable experience, and victories!


With my toast, I would like to ask you only two things. First: let's close our eyes for a moment and make our deepest wish. Second: let us drain our glasses so that in the new year everything that we have in mind will come true!


Let's drink so that in the New Year 2022, any mood can be shared with those who are really dear to you! For relatives, for friends!


It is believed that there are moments when wishes expressed aloud must necessarily be fulfilled. I believe these are the first minutes of the New Year, when we look into the future with our deepest desires. May all your problems be solved in the new year, my family, you will be happy, and illnesses will bypass you. I raise this glass to the fulfillment of your desires, for everything good and beautiful! For your happy future!


Happy New Year, Happy Winter, I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart! May the Year of the Tiger be happy for you, and all worries will leave only pleasant impressions. May all your dreams come true in the best way! I wish you material prosperity, new achievements at work and good health.


People say that with whom you meet the New Year, you will spend it with that. Trust me, my dear relatives, that for me there is nothing better than spending the next year in your circle. You are my support, you are the people most dear to me. May everything turn out for you all next year exactly the way you want it. Happy Holidays!


New Year is a celebration of contrast: it is frosty, snowy, dark outside, but at home it is sunny, fun, warm, an elegant Christmas tree, a festive table. We wish this contrast to be carried through the whole year, and no matter how the winds and storms rage, no matter how uncomfortable around, it was always sunny and warm in my soul!


Playful toastsSincere


words, sober thoughts,

Bright, like a garland, days!

Strong nerves, iron forces,

Feelings intoxicating like port.

Easy money, successful meetings,

Sweet as candy, dreams.

May thecome more often in the year

Generous, kind Santa Claus!


Open chimneys,

attics and garages:

Santa Claus, as he wants, enters

And here he is already in a hurry!

Let him bring you health,

Three chests with money,

Two big buckets of love

And half a bag of smiles!


A wonderful holiday is approaching!

We wish in the New Year that

Santa Claus sober to you

Knock at the gate!

Or the doorbell rang at the door,

Or a loud knock at the window... We

wish it to be a success

This holiday is all the same!

So that the big table burst

from food and all kinds of blessings,

So that the glance sparkles with happiness

And does not torment the otkhodnyk!


Look, honest people:

New Year has come to us!

Well, in chorus, to all the people:

"Happy new happiness, Happy New Year!"

I will say, so that they do not get bored,

On this occasion:

So that they receive all the good — 

All the well-being!


Eighteenth century: New Year in the fields

With bells on three horses rides to us.

Nineteenth century: even bears know -

Progressively he rolls on a bicycle.

Twentieth century: along the highway without noise and dust

New Year is rushing towards us in a car.

Twenty-first: now the New Year is in no hurry,

He with all the gifts to us... is in a traffic jam.

Don't worry, everything will come true at the right time!

New Year will slowly bring everything to everyone!


May our life in the new year be pure, like a drop of spring water, and happiness is playful, like champagne in this crystal glass!


This toast to the New Year! After all, only today is the only day when you can get lost in the trees and not visit the forest!


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