Manicure trends in the new 2022

Manicure trends in the new 2022

Nail fashion is recognized as one of the best ways to express yourself β€” you don't have to be very brave to try something dramatic! Extravagant nails are not as shocking as, say, hair, shoes, or clothes. And in combination with a calm dress code, a bright manicure looks like a highlight, but not like an unnecessary detail.


Fashion trends-2022

In 2022, our favorite retro motives remain with us. The fashion for the classics will continue β€” jacket, natural, ombre, bright overhead decor.

French manicure

Will remain in demand, but will undergo interesting changes: the softness of natural shades will be emphasized by the charcoal black tips. Favorite technologies will not be forgotten: ombre, contour, traditional French manicure.


Lovers of shiny marigolds can breathe a sigh of relief. Chrome microparticles, manicure with gold, silver, romantic unicorns will still be appropriate.

Glittering jewelry

Will surely spice up your evening manicure. Application technique β€” from minimalistic to full orgy of colors and shapes.

Reflective shine The

Magic of this design can turn the head of the most desperate shy girl. Plain sequins, slightly playing in daylight, light up when the flash hits them, the glare of the disco ball. Reflective sequins are applied using the French manicure or ombre technique. We also advise you to think about a similar pedicure.

Letter stickers

Do not replace, but diversify the overhead decor in the form of hearts, "diamonds", large dots. Designers see serious potential in the trend: the mood at the tips of the nails is what they call the letter stickers!

Matte finish

Matte texture gives a new "sound" to any design without changing it. Try a fresh idea β€” ask the artist to apply an opaque matte finish β€œa-la polished concrete”.

Spread Gel

Polish The opportunity to get a truly unique nail design. The master works on a very wet base, applying and slightly correcting color spots. At the end, add a few traditional details β€” dashes, sequins, rhinestones, and the romantic look is ready!

3-D manicure

Reminds of the technogenic revolution that has infiltrated the nail industry. The designer acts more like an architect of small forms β€” layering gel, creates incredible designs. This type of manicure is a holiday that is always with you.

Dark shades

Perfectly decorate long nails or short manicure. A variety of varnishes are used β€” black, blue and others. Newfangled colors will refresh the palette - pinot noir, dark green and almost black blue, dark shades of wet asphalt, dark grapes.

Retro style

Fans of the classics give a standing ovation: square nails are back in 2022. American, French manicure of the most natural shades will remain at the height of fashion. At the same time, no one will be surprised by the classic red, brown polish on short nails.

As additional elements we will have strokes, dots, drawings in the tribal tattoo style.

Ideas for New Year's Eve Manicure

Noisy New Year's Eve fireworks inspire equally vibrant designs. Nail Artists have an incredible selection of explosive manicure ideas!

  1. Manicure in the colors of the year. Recall that the Tiger loves orange, green, blue, black.
  2. Tiger print. It will serve as a sign of good taste and will be an excellent element of the New Year's image.
  3. New Year's motives β€” Christmas trees, snowflakes, Santa Clauses, deer, snowmen, etc., and so on, will not let you forget what holiday we are waiting for.
  4. Red β€” all shades of Santa in combination with white, golden, silver.
  5. Details shining in all respects β€” from rhinestones, rubbing and foil to incredible combinations of volumetric elements.
  6. Warm print. Knitted marigolds are cute and spontaneous. They wear with pleasure even a couple of weeks after the New Year's celebrations.
  7. Glamorous elegance β€” cat's eye, craquelure, geometry, abstraction, ombre β€” everything that you have wanted for a long time, but did not dare.


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