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What to give for the New Year\: 10 inspiring ideas for every occasion

What to give for the New Year: 10 inspiring ideas for every occasion

Coming up with surprises for the New Year is as fun as handing over, sneaking up on the tree. It is not easy to find a good gift — because of the need to present the same people from year to year, the fantasy dries up. We have prepared an excellent selection of ideas so that you can delight your family and friends!


Universal gifts that will suit everyone

Not sure about the person's tastes? A list of what everyone always likes will help you. However, you still have to smash your head a little, because the tastes and capabilities of different age categories differ.

  1. Impression gifts. Consider age, character, hobbies. For example, give a parachute jump only if you are sure that the person is ready for such an experiment.
  2. Travel, excursions. A calmer, more versatile version of the previous idea.
  3. Purchase or service certificates. Knowing your taste preferences, it is easy to determine in which direction to go. Preliminarily familiarize yourself with the features of certificate cashing. It will be useful if you study the assortment — for example, there are stores specializing in goods for young people or, conversely, for elderly people.
  4. Photoshoot. It will turn out more original if combined with a small party right in a photo studio.
  5. T-shirts or other clothing with photo prints. Portraits of the gifted person or his pets are invariably popular.
  6. Gift sets of chocolate, sweets (coffee, tea, cheese, wine). Craft sets, nostalgic "like in the USSR", independently prepared on online constructors, made in national workshops, candies in the form of Christmas tree decorations.
  7. Feng Shui souvenirs. There are many interesting and unusual things on the shelves of thematic stores.
  8. Handmade. If you are into needlework, present your handmade gifts. It is difficult to think of something more soulful, warm and original.
  9. Baskets with a set of your favorite products. Anything that comes in handy for a festive table will do. You can make someone's gastronomic dreams come true, delighting with exotic.
  10. Money envelopes. A simple and universal option in all respects. Throw in a little sweet surprise and it's pretty cute.


A gift for a married couple, friends

During a visit to friends, it is enough to bring something to the table and give small tokens of attention to the children. If you think this is not enough, remember what the whole family is passionate about. Perhaps they will appreciate good books, a selection of films. They have long dreamed of singing karaoke. They like to experiment with spices. Every summer they go to travel. In any family hobby, it's easy to find a gift idea. Here are some good examples for inspiration:

  1. Small household appliances, dishes. So, coffee lovers will appreciate a geyser coffee maker, wine connoisseurs will appreciate a beautiful functional corkscrew and a universal cork, raw foodists will appreciate serving dishes.
  2. Mulled wine kits — let the gift box contain a bottle of wine, an orange, spices, a recipe card.
  3. Thematic clothing. A sweater or sweatshirt with deer or another New Year's print will certainly evoke positive emotions. An inexpensive option is mittens, a hat, a scarf, and socks.
  4. Audio CDs with New Year's repertoire. Including a backing track if you want to sing.
  5. Electric samovars. The symbol of family and prosperity will perfectly fit into the kitchen interior and will become an occasion for sincere gatherings.
  6. Sets of exclusive hand-painted Christmas tree decorations. Interior garlands are also very popular.
  7. Beautiful Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. Each year, by placing them under the tree, friends will remember you with gratitude.
  8. An original photo album for the whole family or digital photo frame.
  9. Romantic sets — candles with a candlestick, beautiful glasses, wine, chocolate. Let the spouses refresh the feelings that have faded in everyday worries!
  10. Board game for the whole family.


A gift for a beloved man, husband

Advice to give men sets of socks, underwear and perfume evoke a healthy friendly laugh — too often, representatives of the stronger half receive such gifts. What gift for the husband, boyfriend for the New Year will bring pleasure? 

The top desires include all kinds of items with a practical bias — grill dishes, equipment for preparing spirits or culinary delicacies; car accessories; branded tools; sets of alcohol or goodies. 

The time-tested classics do not lose their relevance — leather belts, wallets, purses, cases, covers for documents. A man of any age will be delighted if you make his childhood dream come true by presenting an interesting toy. 

  1. Electronic cigarettes, smoking pipes, tobacco sets, hookahs.
  2. Clothes with the symbols of your favorite sports team, sports accessories.
  3. Mini-breweries, exclusive skewers, thermo-dishes, smokehouses, electric grills, wine refrigerators, bread makers.
  4. Updates for the car — DVRs, navigators, thermo mugs, summer or winter tires, car tables.
  5. For hobbies — darts, helicopters or remote control cars, railways, electric scooters, drones.
  6. Impression gifts. Parachute jump, a trip to the water park, video surfing, flying on a motorcycle, a master class on throwing knives, a tattoo.
  7. Purely male toys. Crossbows, pneumatics, throwing weapons, collection knives, samurai swords, Cossack sabers.
  8. Appliances — gadgets, computer gadgets, flash drives, universal travel adapters, lens kits for smartphones.
  9. Personal care — mustache and beard kits, hair clippers, razors, nose and ear trimmers, irrigators, massagers.
  10. Tools — multitools, sets of high-quality accessories in a case, powerful flashlights with several modes, jigsaws, drills.


A gift for a beloved woman, wife

Buying a gift for a wife, beloved woman is also incredibly difficult. In this situation, even a certificate is not always appropriate — you can make a mistake with your favorite trademark. Fortunately, the beauty industry does not stand still, store shelves are filled with useful and very desirable tools for girls, devices. 

  1. Grooming devices — masks with light therapy; rollers; illuminated mirrors; devices for washing, cleansing the skin and other beauty gadgets for the face; sets for manicure and pedicure; hair styling devices.
  2. Romantic gifts — traveling together; evening in a restaurant, cafe with national cuisine; tickets to the theater, to the concert; board games for two.
  3. Appliances, gadgets — portable photo printers, multi-bakers, aroma diffusers, salt lamps.
  4. Creativity kits or certificates for the handicraft store.
  5. Intellectual gifts — a subscription to a women's magazine, pay for training or creative courses, master classes, a tutor.
  6. Certificates for the service (photo session, spa salon, fitness gym membership); purchase of underwear, perfumery, goods for creativity. You can see your favorite brand among things or in discount cards.
  7. Stylish additions to clothes — handbags, wallets, belts, harnesses; clock.
  8. Devices for a comfortable ride in a car.
  9. Alcoholic drinks and smoking accessories.
  10. Not a single representative of the fair sex will refuse jewelry. If you want to get into the top ten, choose a gift together.


Gifts for your child

Little family members are very loyal! They will love the new toy, the bright clothes. Watch the ad and you have a nice wish list. Sweets remain out of competition — chocolates, sweets, fruits, unusual sweets.

While the child believes in a miracle, order him a personalized congratulation from Santa Claus! You will be offered a pleasant choice: traditional writing, a short video, a personalized cartoon or a book. 

  1. Educational games. Sets of a young builder, interactive rugs, constructors for boys and girls, puzzles, Montessori frames.
  2. Tents. A huge selection of play tents makes it possible to choose something really original. A one-room house, a tent with a pipe and a dry pool, a yurt, a wigwam — the main thing is not to miss the size, because not all married couples have spacious housing.
  3. An interactive pet. Fulfill the dream of your own dog, kitten! The child will take such a friend to kindergarten, will not part with him on the trip. We also sell toy food, houses, clothes and other accessories for soft animals.
  4. Musical toys. Guitars, synthesizers, sound sorters will impress the musical kid. In addition, all push-button toys develop fine motor skills.
  5. Creator's Kit. Products for all ages and tastes! Finger paint; plasticine; kits for weaving from beads, embroidery; voluminous models are wonderful reasons for hanging out with older family members.
  6. Role-playing toys. Children's kitchens, tool kits, suitcases for young doctors, hairdressers, make-up artists.
  7. Traditional toys. Love for dolls, baby dolls; machines and equipment does not fade away in children's hearts. If you add accessories to them (clothes with a house or dishes; toy men and an auto track), the child will be indescribably happy.
  8. Board games. The choice is incredible — from the classics (loto, checkers, "Monopoly", puzzles, puzzle) to the newest ("Erudite", "Rat Race", "Mafia", etc.).
  9. High-tech toys. The technogenic generation does not hesitate to combine the love of plush toys and digital gadgets. Modern boys and girls see game consoles in their dreams; headphones; smartphones; tablets; ships and cars on r/y.
  10. Children's equipment, transport. Large cars, self-driving vehicles; scooters, bicycles, skateboards, gyro scooters.


What to give a teenager?

The world of teenagers is mysterious and unpredictable, much depends on the preferences of the child. There is a universal love for gadgets, technology — both a guy and a girl can be presented with a flash drive with a large memory capacity, a power bank, wireless headphones, a hard drive, fitness bracelets — everything you need for study, hobbies and leisure. 

Certificates for teenage clothing stores, experience gifts will come in handy. You can pay for courses, master classes, a tutor. Equipment for active leisure is in demand — skateboards, roller skates, bicycles, scooters, gyro scooters, sled tubing.

Gift for a girl

  1. Funny clothes or shoes: fluffy slippers, cool pajamas, kigurumi, bandages; funny socks, leggings, hats, mittens.
  2. Jewelry: an original silver piece of jewelry that you choose together.
  3. Cosmetics: hair styling products, creating curls; palettes of shadows; kits for body and face art, kits for skin care; bathroom sets.
  4. Care items: sets of combs, all kinds of curlers, curling irons, hair dryers, manicure accessories, massage brushes for the face, smart toothbrushes.
  5. Creative kits: large gel pen kits, craft paper notebooks, 3d pens with a set of consumables, 3d coloring on plywood, acrylic fabric paints and white t-shirts, paintings by numbers.
  6. Appliances and accessories: blogger kits, illuminated mirrors, portable speakers, selfie sticks, karaoke microphones, dance mats.
  7. Cute little things: key rings, beautiful cases, handbags, fashionable backpacks, wallets, magnetic boards.
  8. Sports and healthy lifestyle accessories — smart scales, fitness bracelets, sports accessories, water bottles, timers, sports bags.
  9. Tools for girls who love to cook: cookbooks, pastry molds, kitchen scales, tool kits, oven mitts.
  10. For home comfort: original blankets with sleeves, hug pillows, turban towels, terry dressing gowns, home ugg boots.

Gift for a boy

  1. Clothes, shoes, accessories: hoodies, baseball caps, gloves for sensory devices, sneakers, belts, watches, smart watches, backpacks.
  2. Means for the appearance care: perfume, medicinal tonics, creams, shower kits.
  3. Gaming devices: virtual reality helmets, augmented reality machines, keyboards and mice, game consoles.
  4. For intellectuals: subscription to the electronic library; scratch cards; speakers with voice assistant; encyclopedias, reference books; checkers, chess, backgammon.
  5. Hobby items: modeling kits, 3d constructors; tool kits, 3d pens with rods, wood burners, robotics kits.
  6. Sports goods: balls; accessories for boxing and martial arts; water bottles; balance boards; dumbbells; stunt scooters, skateboards, bicycles.
  7. For music lessons: guitars, auxiliary devices, educational literature, lessons with a specialist.
  8. For home comfort: pillows in the form of a slice of pizza, bed with a theme print, home clothes in superhero colors, projector lamps.
  9. Camping equipment: tents, dinnerware sets, survival tools, compasses, sleeping bags, flashlights.
  10. Fun gifts: spy pens, Jack Sparrow and Captain Nelson's telescopes, key rings, bean bags, tumbler mugs.


Gifts for the New Year to colleagues

This is the case when attention is more important than the value of the gift. It is convenient to keep your own records of ideas for some time — by observing your colleagues every day, you will surely catch them on revelations more than once, or you yourself will figure out what to give based on your habits, hobbies, tastes. Here are some examples of budgetary, but valuable, useful souvenirs:

  • Delicacies in gift wrappingring
  • Personalized mug
  • Key
  • Runaway alarm clock
  • Decorative pillow
  • Soap dispenser
  • Sports bottle
  • Scented candle
  • Bath salt
  • Anti-stress headrest
  • Small hand-held coffee grinder
  • USB vacuum cleaner for keyboard
  • Cup holder with a glass
  • Scented sachet for a linen cupboard
  • Homemade souvenir

New Year's Eve is a magical holiday when hopes and desires come true. Let your surprises not leave anyone indifferent, bringing a lot of joy and pleasant emotions!


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