Merry fortune\-telling on Christmastide and the Old New Year

Merry fortune-telling on Christmastide and the Old New Year

Fortune-telling is a traditional entertainment on the eve of Christmas or Old New Year. Usually girls — close friends or neighbors — take part in fortune-telling. The purpose of fortune-telling is, of course, fun, spending time together. But still, many girls and even guys conceal the timid hope of finding out their future, especially in love, about a wedding and possible wealth.

Tip: Before you start, have a clear question and focus.

Fortune-telling on a betrothed named

The most simple and fun fortune-telling. On the eve of the Old New Year, you need to go outside and ask the name of the first person you meet. This is the name of your husband (wife).

Divination for marriage with a ring

Girls gather in the room and take turns rolling the ring. If the ring rolls to the door, be married soon.

Fortune telling for a quick wedding with candles

You need to take a wide basin and fill it with water. Place small candles in the walnut halves, light and put the “boats” into the basin. Whose candle burns first, that girl will be the first to marry. The fortuneteller whose candle goes out last will marry later than everyone else. If the shell drowns, the girl will not be married.

Fortune-telling by the book

A very popular pastime in the old days. The method was used to solve any everyday problems, and not only on the eve of the winter holidays. Ask an important question in your mind. Open the book to the intended page and read the intended line. The interpretation of the phrase will be the answer.

Fortune telling on cats

Suitable only for those who have a furry pet in their house. Make a wish. Call a cat. If the animal crosses the threshold with its left paw, the wish will come true this year.

Fortune telling on wax or paraffin

You will need white candles or stubs. Melt them in a small container and pour them in a trickle into a bowl of cold water. Turn over, look closely — the resulting figure will be the answer. 

The meaning of the figures:

  • heart — they love you;
  • flowers — an easy life ahead;
  • wreath — wait for a marriage proposal;
  • triangle, cobweb — they will gossip from you;
  • square — nothing new will happen;
  • triangle in a square — difficult circumstances;
  • transverse zigzags, waves are a serious obstacle;
  • bumps — problems in love relationships;
  • wavy road, longitudinal zigzags — unusual adventures;
  • circle — hopelessness, boredom;
  • face — an interesting acquaintance;
  • longitudinal stripes — it all depends on you;
  • transverse stripes — someone else's influence will intervene;
  • someone's image — big changes are taking place;
  • home is a long life.

There is a lot of laughter and speculation about the interpretation of wax castings.

Fortune-telling on rump

Place a container with any large grains in the center of the table. Make a wish and scoop up the cereal with your hand. Pour it on the table and count it — if the number of grains is even, the desire will not be slow to come true.

On a bath broom A

Difficult ritual, but you can get an answer about the upcoming financial situation. After taking a steam bath, you need to go out into the yard and throw the bath broom over your right shoulder. If the broom lies with the leaves to you, you will be rich in marriage. Leaves to the right — business will take a lot of money, you will have to seriously invest in business. Leaves to the left — your money will go to your opponent. Leaves up — financial difficulties.

Fortune telling on an egg

Separate the yolk of a raw egg from the protein and pour it into a bowl of water. Place the container in the microwave for 10 seconds. During this time, the protein will coagulate, according to the resulting figure and predict the future. 

Interpretation of patterns:

  • geometric figure (except for a circle) — failures, parting with a loved one or friend;
  • dome, ring, circle — harmony in relationships, luck in love;
  • boat, ship — a relationship with a foreigner, a nonresident is coming. Your move is also possible;
  • the squirrel sank to the bottom — loneliness awaits.

Modern fortune telling by SMS The

Esoteric world is gradually moving to modern gadgets!

Send your question to any unknown number. Wait for an answer. Be prepared for the unexpected 😀.

Fortune-telling by phone

Method for girls. Dial the first unknown number that comes across. If the woman answers, there is no threat of marriage this year. If a man — ask his name, so your betrothed will be called.

A way for guys: a man will answer — there will be no romance. Woman — ask for a name and expect a bride with the same.

Fortune telling by computer (laptop, tablet)

This method is similar to fortune telling with a book. Conceive a desire, open any correspondence, browser page, etc. With your eyes closed, poke your finger at the monitor. The selected phrase will be the answer.

Fortune telling on the elevator

Go out to the staircase and conceive a wish. Wait for the elevator to be called and notice where it goes. If down — your hopes are in vain. Up — everything will come true.

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