How to celebrate the New Year 2022\?

How to celebrate the New Year 2022?

According to the Chinese horoscope, 2022 will not come until February 1, but we are used to celebrating its arrival in advance. The patron saint of the coming year is the Blue (Black) Water Tiger. It is a strong, determined animal leader. The striped predator does not like impulsiveness, spontaneity and props, so you need to prepare for a meeting in advance. In what clothes should you celebrate the holiday, so that then luck will accompany you all year?


What color does the Water Tiger like?

Of the 12 animals of the zodiac, the Tiger is the most noble, beautiful and stylish. The main principle of this sign is naturalness, but not boredom. Forget about neon shades, pretentiousness, shocking. Avoid synthetics and other man-made fabrics. Natural silk, satin, chiffon are ideal options for an evening dress. Linen, knitwear, velvet will do.

The priority is given to the colors that are as close as possible to the tiger theme and everything that is associated with water:

  • gray, black and their shades correspond to the zodiacal color of the sign;
  • deep blue, azure, turquoise, blue hint at the water element;
  • beige, brown; the dark orange will appeal to the striped predator the most;
  • dark green, mint, olive will remind the Tiger of his native element.

To emphasize the sophisticated taste, pay attention to the black, deep blue colors in the outfit. If you are hoping to achieve financial growth, go for silver or gold. They say that those who can achieve the location of the Tiger on New Year's Eve will experience a tangible increase in income. 

The clothes in which you celebrated the Year of the Ox, this time it is better to leave in the wardrobe. Tiger will like stripes, a predatory print, with the exception of leopard and imitating snakeskin. 

An interesting fact: there is a diametrically opposite opinion about tiger stripes — a reminder of the skin of a killed relative, thrown over the shoulders of a hunter, can anger the wayward Master. The best option is stripes on accessories, but not on outfits.


What stylists advise women

At the height of New Year's fashion, classic styles with interesting details. 

Women can opt for an outfit with asymmetry, elegant cuts, drapery, full skirt and sleeves. 


Flowingchunky top with thin straps paired withearrings and a necklace. Richly decorated with sequins, beads or embroidery, the top will become the main detail of the evening look. 

Bright skirts are combined with knitted sweaters, laconic blouses. Blouses and sweaters with voluminous sleeves are also relevant.


"Tulip" with a slit, pencil skirt, flyingpleating maxi, multilayer skirt made of fine fabric, trapeze — create mind-blowing ensembles!


Any unusual cut, including a little black dress with a twist, sheath cocktail dress, hip slit dress, kimono. You can create a festive look by wearing a loose jersey dress, A-line.


Lightweight, flying jumpsuit will look amazing! Styles with a smell, an original belt, asymmetry, strings are appropriate. A great alternative is a trouser suit, complemented by unusual details or embroidered with sequins. If you prefer a business style, calmly put on an ensemble complemented by original details and designer accessories.


How to celebrate the New Year 2022 for men? 

The most important thing is that the man's suit should be in harmony with the outfit of his companion. Designers recommend paying attention to velvet, velor suits. A classic suit or a three-piece made of natural materials of gray, black color in combination with a white shirt will come in handy at an official party. The latter can be replaced with a wardrobe item in this year's colors; with a pattern in the form of rhombuses, stripes; with embroidery. Refined details — cufflinks, tie pins — add individuality to the traditional look. 

The trend of this season is a stylish vest, matched to the color of the trousers or according to the principle of contrast in yellow, silver, golden shades. A wardrobe item can be velvet, leather, knitted.

A family friendly evening can be spent wearing soft trousers, a shirt and a loose-fitting jumper, a sweater with one large pattern. Leave ties and bow ties on the shelves, because the main thing is naturalness, comfort, convenience.


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