Learn a foreign language for free\: a list of resources open to

Learn a foreign language for free: a list of resources open to

Ukrainians Online language schools have opened free access to help Ukrainians. This will help refugees to adapt abroad and find work as quickly as possible, and other Ukrainians to expand their boundaries.


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Various foreign languages

​​The Preply supports IDPs from Ukraine and provides the opportunity to learn foreign languages ​​for free. Volunteers conduct group lessons online, which can be joined by anyone who wishes. Get access to learning English, Polish, German and other languages!

Busuu provides premium access for 90 days for residents of Ukraine and evacuees. The catalog includes English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish and other languages.

LingQ is a school with a wide library of multi-level language courses, a total of 21 curricula. To activate access, write a letter to support@lingq.com.

Drops gives Ukrainians a Premium Drops subscription for a year. To receive it, you need to fill out the form at the bottom of the page and receive a promo code, which will arrive within 48 hours. If the letter does not arrive, write in support.

Ling App - an application for interactive language learning, free for Ukrainians. 

The uTalk will be useful for learning the basic level of speech. There are 149 languages ​​registered, among which you can choose the one you need and learn the most used words and phrases that will facilitate your communication.

Application The Babbel offers learning a foreign language using a smartphone. Access is open for 3 months. You can choose one, any, language.

Learning platform Mondly invites Ukrainian refugees to learn any of the 25 European languages: English, Polish, German, Romanian and others. To get open access, simply select Ukrainian in the "I own" field.

The interactive online learning platform Campster provides the opportunity to learn English, Spanish, Italian, German, French.


Learning English

Simple English has introduced charity classes for adults and children in Ukraine.to get up-to-date schedule information a Google form.

ALOHA Language School offers free English study in groups. You need to go to the chatbot, give answers and get access to the personal account.

The Gramaro gives premium access for a year. Using the offer, you will be able to learn English in a playful way, easily mastering grammar and replenishing your vocabulary.

English from the online school Prometheus contains several levels for beginners and professionals in various professions. Journalists, businessmen, scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians can start here or learn grammar.

Platform Duolingo: "Learn English, giving it only 5 minutes a day." The program includes short game tasks for beginners and those who want to practice.


Learning Polish

This country has become a hospitable refuge for the largest number of Ukrainians, so the offer of free education will be very appropriate. Edualy offers learning Polish online. The program is designed even for beginners.

Obywatelkiy provides free places for refugees — children, teenagers and adults. Seats are limited. Find out about their availability on this page.


Learning Spanish

Español en España invites refugees from Ukraine to free offline courses. Offices are located in 43 cities. On the page of the school association you will find the terms of service and the addresses of the nearest centers.


Learning German German

Courses for citizens of Ukraine and those who have a residence permit in Ukraine, with a discount of 99.9% from the Goethe Institute in Ukraine. Up-to-date information on the availability of training places at the link.

The portal "My way to Germany" invites you to practice German on your own, redistributing films, performing exercises, participating in games and programs.


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